Invidia Telugu short film part 2

Published on Oct 21, 2014 by admin

Invidia :

The badman(Saikrishna) psycho killer, his aim is to kill all beautiful girl
s exist around him. Once he while going in his way see
s jeevan(villain 2) and hits him because jeevan look
s good, then badman join
s jeevan to his team – At the another end hari knows about badman in the police investigation that he killed her girl friend jhostna. Invidia the latest computer time machine which was created by Dr.sunder(Ravi Kiran). Venu (hari) will meet him and acknowledges about invidia and doctor will demand an amount of 10cr.Hari will be depressed and think
s about money how to get that amount, hari is jerked by some unknown person and get
s a waste deal that he should deliver the drugs that he taken from unknown person to sahitya (drug buyer). Hari will kill sahitya and gets money off and by using INVIDIA he faces he
s past and kill

A film by Sai kumar…

Venu (hari), Saikrishna(Badman Villain lead), Jeevan( villain2), Ravikiran(Scientist), Kranthi(Hari friend), Sahitya(Drug
s buyer))